We Don’t Lift was founded in late 2015 with the goal of providing local Motorsports enthusiasts affordable safety gear and racing advice. Starting small and working their way up, the WDL Racing team set up vendor booths at local trackday events they were participating in to provide items such as racing helmets and harnesses to people who otherwise would have had to go home for the day.  Quickly, the trailer became a one stop shop for all trackday supplies, such as tire pressure gauges, and gaffer’s tape.

Throughout 2016 the company grew as the team traveled around the state and eventually the country with Global Time Attack and NASA Arizona events. Now, we provide everything from auto racing helmets to performance brake pads to fans around the country, who cheer us on from Instagram and Facebook while we travel thousands of miles to race.

Gear Seriously, Drive Fearlessly


Be Safe

Safety is our top concern. Making sure our friends can go out on track time and time again without putting themselves or others at risk motivates us.

Go Fast
Whether we're helping you cut seconds off of your laptimes by adding confidence or providing guidance on how to get you back on the gas a little bit quicker, we love helping our friends go fast.
Have Fun

At the root of everything we do, making people happy is our goal.