We Don’t Lift was founded in late 2015 with the goal of providing motorsports enthusiasts affordable safety gear and racing advice. The WDL Racing team set up a trackday supply booth at local event and slowly grew. Eventually, people who would have had to go home were able to find fluids and parts at our table. Quickly, the trailer became a one stop shop for all trackday necessities.

2016 saw the company grow even more as the team traveled around the state and eventually the country with Global Time Attack and NASA Arizona events. Now, we provide everything from auto racing helmets to performance brake pads to fans around the country, who cheer us on from Instagram and Facebook while we travel thousands of miles to race.


Ravi Tomerlin

Driver & Owner

Favorite Car: Acura NSX
Favorite Track: Road Atlanta

Ravi Tomerlin is the owner of We Don’t Lift. After a horrible accident, he felt the need to fill a general void in the the racing community; safety. When he’s not racing, you’ll find him hosting free HPDE safety seminars – as his love of racing will never rise above his love of people, their safety needs, or requirements. He started with his local NASA chapter as a Gate Worker in 2001, and has been working with NASA’s AZ region for 15+ years. Now, he leads HPDE 3, and races against time in the Global Time Attack series.

Melissa and her Integra.

Marketer & Co-founder

Favorite Car: DC2 Integra
Favorite Track: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

After getting a taste for trackdays with NASA, Melissa James overcame her fear of driving and obtained her driver’s license. Now she owns her own project car, a 1995 Integra GSR, and drives in HPDE and the UMS Time Attack. She understands how much safety gear can provide confidence to drivers, and as a result, she fights for We Don’t Lift’s cause. Currently she manages the team’s social media accounts, the website, and maintains the marketing efforts for the company. When she isn’t working on something for We Don’t Lift, she plays video games, hikes around the Arizona wilderness, and takes photos.

Jon Rook

Driver & Sponsor

Favorite Car: Nissan 350Z
Favorite Track: Inde Motorsports Park

Jon Rook is the owner of SPN Performance, a Nissan focused performance shop located in Phoenix, Arizona. He helps sponsor motorsports events in the region, such as the Southwest Rallycup Series and the Drag Racing Nationals, and even recently sponsored ZCon. Currently he participates in Honda Challenge with NASA’s Arizona region and Global Time Attack in the We Don’t Lift race NSX.