Trackday Checklist – Preparing For Your Next Event

If you have just signed up for your first trackday you may not be sure where to start. Making sure your vehicle is ready to go is key to getting out on track confident in your own safety. It is important to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If there is a mechanical problem with your vehicle don’t wait until the day of the event to address it. If there is any general maintenance item you have been putting off, take care of it now. Here is a trackday checklist you or your mechanic can check prior to arriving:

Trackday Checklist:

Wheel Well

Tires: Make sure your tires have plenty of tread and fill them up with the maximum recommended air pressure. You can always bleed some air out at the track if needed. Rotate your tires if needed.

Lug nuts/studs: Torque all lug nuts and wheel studs to factory spec.

Wheel bearings/bushings:  Lift your vehicle off the ground and firmly move each wheel/tire checking for any “play”.  Replace worn parts as needed.

Brakes: Make sure your brake pads and rotors have plenty of life.

Under the Hood

Fluids: Top off all vital fluids. Flush/change the fluids if needed. Fix any leaks. If you are attending an event We Don’t Lift will be at, we usually bring various fluids to sell trackside, but you can always purchase them beforehand at our store and bring them with you.

Battery: Anchor down your battery securely with solid materials such as a metal bracket and J-bolts. Other methods of securing such as bungee cords, straps, and rope are not accepted. Batteries located inside the cockpit area it must be enclosed in a proper battery case/box.


Windshield: Minor chips and cracks are okay as long as they do not impair driving visibility and the tech inspector does not deem it as a safety hazard (<– this is 100% subjective to the Tech Officials. If in doubt, have the windshield replaced)

Brake lights: Make sure all brake lights are working as designed. You will not pass tech if they are not working.

Seat belts: Seat belts must be in good working order. Non-stock belts must be at least a 5-point harness and properly installed.

This trackday checklist is only a starting place. Common useful items that are often needed trackside are available for purchase here. If you think you may need to pick up some spares or upgrade to a performance part before you get on track ask us for a recommendation. Finally, if you have any doubts as to whether something will pass tech send us a message on Facebook or contact the event administration.

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