Preparing for the NASA Tech Inspection

Every car that wishes to participate in a NASA event is required to pass a tech inspection prior to driving on the track. Participants need to be aware of the event schedule and plan accordingly. We suggest arriving onsite 45-90 minutes prior to the drivers meeting. This will ensure enough time to park, prep, and get their car through tech inspection before the drivers meeting.

When Do I Need to be Inspected?

If your car does not have a current tech sticker you will need to complete a tech inspection. During multi-day events vehicles only need to pass tech one time.

Will My Car Pass Tech?

Virtually every modern (non-convertible) vehicle that is left stock will pass tech without issue. Some convertibles will pass tech if the manufacturer (not a dealership brochure) advertises their vehicle being capable of providing occupant rollover protection.  Any convertible without this documentation must have adequate aftermarket rollover protection. Our recommendation is to follow the guidelines for rollbar or rollcage design per the CCRs.

Tech inspectors are not concerned with performance enhancing modifications as long as they are properly installed with no defects, leaks, etc. Nitrous oxide is not allowed in HPDE groups.

Do I Need Anything Special to Pass?

You do not need fancy or performance tires to pass tech. The only details the tech inspectors will be looking for in regards to tires are to ensure that the tires have enough tread to avoid “cording” prior to the end of the event. They will also be checking for sidewall damage such as cracks and bubbles.

Safety is the #1 concern with HPDE inspections. Cars have to be reinspected each time a safety item is changed. This is to maximize the participants safety should an unexpected incident occur.

Safety items include but are not limited to:

  • Seats
  • Harnesses
  • Relocated batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Exhaust systems

If any of these items are changed, they MUST conform to the Competition Section (15) of the CCRs.

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