Global Time Attack – Auto Club Speedway ROVAL

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Auto Club Speedway was windy on Friday when our trailer pulled up. We’d spent the night at a local friends house and made a short journey to the track, stopping at a nearby diner for breakfast along the way. We rolled our NSX out of the trailer and inspected her recently repaired splitter to make sure everything had held up during the bumpy journey down the I-10. We accomplished some practice laps on day one with our friend, Marc Dilmore following close behind. Afterwards, we set up our cots and spent a much more comfortable night resting in the trailer than events past, where we had slept on the floor.

During the night the wind got brutal, and whipped the trailer until the wee hours of the morning, but come sunrise, when the first engines began to fire up, the wind had died down. A car fire on a nearby road caused little anxiety in the paddock, despite the fact that multiple fires were swallowing thousands of acres in the rest of the state. Jason Sharek arrived(on time), and almost dropped his car off his trailer thanks to sketchy ramp placement, but was saved by good samaritan, Cuban.

After Tony Szirka finished rushing around the paddock from group to group, making sure everyone passed the requirements, the driver’s meeting got underway, where the new rule was announced: Times would be thrown out for the session if you hit a cone.

We went out, set increasingly good times, but were blown away by a Ferrari. Members of the We Don’t Lift family brought tacos and chips to the track, and the aluminium tin for the chips ended up becoming a car part on Marc Dillmore’s car, so it could go out and set down a time with Ulrik Szirka in the driver’s seat. In our final session, our splitter was hit by track debris and destroyed yet again. However, standing on the podium scheming about who to hit with champagne spray made it all worth it.

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