Global Time Attack X Speed District at Buttonwillow

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A Rocky Start and a Quick End

Starting the season at the track we end at, Buttonwillow, always brings back good memories. Thoughts of the mouth watering tri-tip at Willow Ranch and distinctive scent of cow come to mind. It’s always a fun game to “guess” which cars in the hotel parking lot are definitely going to the track the following morning.

The driver’s meeting went smoothly, with most people looking so tired and grumpy I decided to avoid publishing the photos I took during it. Group B was the first group to go out on track after Speed District’s advanced drivers group. I had positioned myself at the corner station just before Sunset and was listening to the cars release. As they came around for their outlap I took test shots, adjusting the exposure and shutter speed on my camera to make sure I was getting what I wanted. I looked up when I heard the screech of tire, and then it got worse. Session B was over- a car had dropped a tire off the tarmac, and it had been enough to flip the car, hatch over trunk, multiple times.

The Fiat 500 on track, seconds before going off course.

After waiting anxiously to confirm the driver was okay, I returned to the paddock to give my friends a hug, and tell them to be careful. The rest of the sessions of the day went smoothly. As the track warmed up the times started plummeting. Our friends at Snail Performance had a good day, with both cars podiuming and Sally’s new livery getting a lot of attention.

Snail Performance Sally's new Livery

A Honda Civic, driven by William Au-Yeung, did a 1 minute 38 second lap, and the news spread like wildfire through the event. That was booking it. Then he dropped another second, setting the all time record at the track.

The fastest Civic you ever saw.

Thanks to the GTA staff for putting on another great event and everyone who hung out with the We Don’t Lift crew during the day. Up next; Road Atlanta!

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