Global Time Attack X Road Atlanta

Humid Hotlanta

We arrived in Atlanta late Thursday night to the news that a Formula 4 racecar had already hit the wall in turn 12 and that one of the Global Time Attack competitors had suffered a small fire. With that in mind, I went to sleep. The previous year, I had only managed to go around Turn 12 and the main straight; this year, my goal was to photograph as many different turns of the track as I could. The first driver’s meeting ended and soon I was zooming around the track with four other photographers in a golf cart. We ended the night with some Formula Drift competition, BBQ, many mosquito bites. The next day, after shooting for two sessions and then jumping off of a golf cart with disastrous results, we finished the award ceremony, hopped in the truck, and started the drive back to Arizona.

Here are the photos!