Announcing the 2019 Pink NSX Livery

The Pink NSX

The 2019 Global Time Attack season is fast approaching and we want to stand out. Our NSX definitely turns heads at the local car meet, but when up against a backdrop of the most insane cars in North America, we felt like a wallflower.

The Design

We started with the diagrams in Acura’s factory service manual to get an idea of how the lines on the car were made. We loved Force India’s color scheme in Formula 1, so we took a lot of inspiration from it. Thus, the pink NSX was born.

Force India Pink Livery - Photo by Melissa James

Factory Drawing
We used the drawings from the factory service manual to give us an idea of the body lines.

Once we were satisfied with the drawings, we took it to Forza to attempt to better visualize what we would be getting.

The new livery mocked up in Forza.
We mocked up the livery in Forza.

We Added our Sponsors in Photoshop
Some Photoshop magic adds the proper wheel color and sponsor stickers.

We made final adjustments in Photoshop, and then got in touch with Make Stuff LLC to actually wrap the car. Less than a month later, the car was fully wrapped, with stickers placed, and footage filmed.

We rolled her into the garage after the August trackday with NASA.

We Don't Lift Racing Pink NSX
All wrapped up and real.

We hope you enjoy the footage of the car in action, and some of the photos we got while at Thunderhill last month for ITR Expo.

Outrun took this photo at Type R Expo 2018.

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