Global Time Attack X Speed District at Buttonwillow

View our full gallery on our Smugmug. A Rocky Start and a Quick End Starting the season at the track we end at, Buttonwillow, always brings back good memories. Thoughts of the mouth watering tri-tip at Willow Ranch and distinctive scent of cow come to mind. It’s always a fun game to “guess” which cars in the hotel parking lot are definitely going to the track the following morning. The driver’s meeting went smoothly, with most people looking so tired … Read More

Hyperfest 2017

Hyperfest began early in the morning May 19th. We had already passed tech for the Ultimate Track Car Challenge¬†and attended a quick and to the point driver’s meeting. Our first session out on track followed shortly after. Virginia International Raceway is one of our favorite tracks. After having to deal with setting our brake bias at Road Atlanta, we made sure to double check our Wilwoods were handling the track well. We slowly cut down our time over the course … Read More

First Place at Auto Club Speedway

A chilly night spent rolled up in sleeping bags quickly brightened into a chaotic track event! Round two of the Global Time Attack event at Auto Club Speedway started out rocky. We had difficulties setting up in the paddock and found a nail inside our tire a few sessions in. After plugging the hole at a local shop and as a result the rest of the day was flawless from a mechanical and performance point of view. The car handled … Read More