Preparing for the NASA Tech Inspection

Every car that wishes to participate in a NASA event is required to pass a tech inspection prior to driving on the track. Participants need to be aware of the event schedule and plan accordingly. We suggest arriving onsite 45-90 minutes prior to the drivers meeting. This will ensure enough time to park, prep, and get their car through tech inspection before the drivers meeting. When Do I Need to be Inspected? If your car does not have a current … Read More

Trackday Checklist – Preparing For Your Next Event

If you have just signed up for your first trackday you may not be sure where to start. Making sure your vehicle is ready to go is key to getting out on track confident in your own safety. It is important to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If there is a mechanical problem with your vehicle don’t wait until the day of the event to address it. If there is any general maintenance item you have been … Read More

First Place at Auto Club Speedway

A chilly night spent rolled up in sleeping bags quickly brightened into a chaotic track event! Round two of the Global Time Attack event at Auto Club Speedway started out rocky. We had difficulties setting up in the paddock and found a nail inside our tire a few sessions in. After plugging the hole at a local shop and as a result the rest of the day was flawless from a mechanical and performance point of view. The car handled … Read More