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  • Pyrotect SFI Racing Shoes

    Pyrotect SFI Racing Shoes

    The Pyrotect SFI Racing Shoes feature a rubber flexible outer sole, an exterior constructed of Fire Retardant suede leather and the interior is made of fleeced lined Nomex for added comfort. Styled with an adjustable wrap-around padded ankle support. Meets SFI 3.3/5 specs.

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  • Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe

    Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe

    Sparco Race 2 Racing Shoe The Sparco Race 2 SFI racing shoe is an evolution of Sparco’s entry level selection designed with budget, comfort, and performance in mind. It features a wide toe and high top with additional support around the ball of the foot for better tactile feel. Features: Wide toe box and an extra cushioned sole for greater comfort Additional comfort cell on the ball of the foot to help reduce shock and vibration Suede outer shell and … Read More

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  • Pyrotect Pro One FIA Shoes

    Pyrotect Pro FIA Racing Shoes

    The Pyrotect Pro FIA Shoes feature a high-quality rubber flexible outer sole for increased wear and improved grip, an exterior constructed of Fire Retardant suede leather for improved style and increased protection, and a fire resistant interior made of fleeced lined NOMEX for added comfort and protection. Styled with an adjustable wrap-around padded ankle support for an even better feel and increased comfort, meets FIA specifications. Available in: Black/White, Black/Red, White/Black Sizes: 6 – 13

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  • Sparco Slalom RB-3 Racing Shoe

    Sparco Slalom RB-3 Racing Shoe

    Sparco Slalom RB-3 Racing Shoe The Sparco Slalom RB-3 Racing Shoe is a mid top shoe that has a leather inner sole and outer sole made with anti slip material. Available in sizes 36 to 48 Features: High-quality suede mid-boot design Leather insole Lightweight sole for excellent pedal feel Anti-slip, Anti-static, fuel and oil resistant sole SFI and FIA approved

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  • OMP First S FIA

    OMP First S FIA Racing Shoes

    OMP First S FIA Racing Shoes OMP First S FIA are the entry level shoe available from OMP racing.  It features a suede construction with a firm sole and a separate ankle fastening system. Features: Made of comfortable soft suede leather with excellent quality/price ratio. Internal black knitted fabric Separated ankle strap closure Robust and resistant sole with heel support in order to help the rotation movement of the foot during driving

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  • Alpinestars SP Racing Shoe

    Alpinestars SP Racing Shoe

    Alpinestars SP Racing Shoe The SP Shoe is FIA and SFI homologated with an evolved design which includes: Alpinestars’ newly developed asymmetric lacing system for supportive closure and customized fit plus laser perforations for breathability which are incorporated into an anatomically profiled shoe that also features Alpinestars exclusive ultra-thin Formula 1 specification sole with special line textured grip and improved pedal feel. Complies with FIA (FIA: 8856-2000) and SFI (SFI: 3.3) homologation standards. Complies with FIA (FIA: 8856-2000). Main upper … Read More

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  • OMP Technica EVO

    OMP Technica EVO 2016 FIA Racing Shoes

    OMP Technica EVO Racing Shoe The OMP Technica EVO shoes are one of OMP’s latest offerings and feature a single piece suede design for ultimate durability.  They also provide an exceedingly durable ultralight sole that has protection built into the higher wear areas.   Features: High quality and resistant sole ultralight with inner reinforcement for maximum sensitivity and high protection. Made with a single piece of leather in order to guarantee maximum comfort and low weight. Features a new design … Read More

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  • Alpine Star Tech 1-T Racing Shoe

    Alpinestars Tech 1-T Racing Shoe

    Alpine Star Tech 1-T Racing Shoe The freshly redesigned Alpine Stars Tech 1-T Racing shoe is constructed from lightweight, full grain leather for durability and style. The inner lining incorporates a tubular-stitched Nomex design, resulting in reduced seams without sacrificing heat resistance. Combined with the strategically placed perforation zones, maximum cooling and comfort is achieved. The mid-top design features a low-cut Achilles for heel comfort and increased foot range without loss of support. Finally, a light-weight, textured rubber sole, combined … Read More

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  • OMP ONE-S Racing Shoe

    OMP ONE-S Racing Shoes

    The OMP ONE-S racing shoe is a top level high tech professional light shoe. Technical reinforcements on the tip and on the heel. Injected high resistant sole and best grip. New Velcro strap for a best fitting of the ankle. Inner sole with plate reinforcement for highest sensitivity and reduction of the stress on the feet. Thin laces to guarantee and permit a good sliding and a quick lacing of the boots. New and modern design with Velcro “flap” fastening. … Read More

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  • OMP ONE EVO Racing Shoe

    OMP One Evo Racing Shoes

    The OMP One Evo racing shoe is a top level high tech Formula 1 quality shoe. Made of smooth ultrasoft treated leather for maximum softness and lightness Pinholes parts for increasing breathability. Easier lacer closure and strap with microinjected rubber. Side and back reinforces in microinjected rubber. High sensitivity sole. Homologation: FIA 8856-2000 Sizes: 37-48 Note: Some sizes are only available in certain colors. We recommend sending us a message or giving us a call to check availability before purchasing.

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  • Alpinestars Tech 1-Z Racing Shoes

    Alpinestars Tech 1-Z Racing Shoes

    Alpinestars Tech 1-Z Racing A longtime favorite of racers around the globe, the Alpinestars Tech 1-Z racing shoes continue to offer innovative features for the performance driver. Premium materials are used throughout the shoe, from the supple kangaroo leather uppers, to the tubular-spun Nomex inner lining, and ending at Alpinestars’ exclusive think rubber sole derived from F1-technology. The Tech 1-Z’s innovative lacing system combines Dupont’s Kevlar-speed lacing technology with Alpinestars’ proprietary wire closure system that envelopes the foot for optimum … Read More

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  • Alpinestars Supermomo Racing Shoe

    Alpinestars Supermomo Racing Shoe

    Alpinestars Supermomo Racing Shoe Following years of development and testing in Formula 1 Alpinestars is, once again, introducing the very latest in driving performance and technology. Incorporating an innovative new closure system and constructed using premium materials, the FIA and SFI homologated Supermono is an extremely lightweight and ergonomic shoe features supple kangaroo leather, strategically perforated zones and heat-resistant Nomex® lining. Every detail on the Supermono has been designed to excel under the toughest racing conditions imaginable and give drivers … Read More

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