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  • Tandem pro 2 student

    Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2 Student Headset

    Tandem Pro 2 Student Headset These Tandem Pro 2 student headsets are the standard for communication between a driver and passenger.  Simply slipping the earpiece up by the ear with the helmet on is all that is needed! These headsets are designed to be used with the Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2. Additional Product information Further information regarding the Chatterbox line of product can be found by clicking here.

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  • Joes Racing Battery Disconnect Switch

    JOES Racing Battery Disconnect Switch Panel

    The JOES racing battery disconnect switch allows you to disconnect your battery in an emergency or to help prevent battery drain. The switch is equipped with 4 terminals for use with vehicles with an Alternator.  Required by most racing organizations such as NASA when participating in wheel to wheel racing. Panel is predrilled for ease of installation.  Dimensions can be found by viewing the gallery.

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  • Pyrotect FIA Kill Switch

    Pyrotect FIA Approved Kill Switch

    Pyrotect FIA Kill Switch The Pyrotect FIA Kill switch is a great choice for all NASA/SCCA or FIA governed race cars.  This switch has three sets of contacts for cars with alternators. The main contacts disconnect the battery while the auxiliary contacts disconnect the ignition coil and short the alternator output to ground through a 3 ohm resistor that is furnished with the switch. A removable actuating key with splash guard, weather-proof cap, resistor and installation instructions are included. Features: … Read More

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  • Tandem Pro 2

    Chatterbox Tandem Pro 2

    Tandem Pro 2 The Tandem Pro 2 unit is designed to work for student/instructor race car training applications. This unit works as a full duplex intercom, which allows a race car instructor to guide a student while in the same car. The student headset is designed to easily slide in/out of one students helmet to another and the instructor headset is self-installed for a more permanent installation. The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery life is rated at 8-10 hours of talk … Read More

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  • AMB X2 Transponder

    AMB X2 Transponder

    The current generation AMB transponder used by SCCA, NASA, and many other large competitive organizations. This system is compatible with all existing AMB systems as well as the new X2 Multiloop systems. This system comes with wiring for 12V key on key off charging so you never will have to charge unit ahead of time. Note: This system requires access to a windows computer with a USB port. Activation is through registration on The included subscription is for 2 … Read More

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  • Aim Solo 2

    AIM Solo 2

    AIM Solo 2 The new AIM Solo 2 is finally here with a list of improvements over its predecessor. Any driver aid system requires accurate laptimes to be effective. That’s why the new Solo 2 receives data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass. This means it is faster and more precise(2/100th of a second) than previous versions. The screen also features seven different backlight options, meaning weather and lighting shouldn’t prevent you from seeing the screen. The Solo 2 … Read More

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  • TunerView RD2 Color Display

    TunerView RD2 Color Digital Dash

    TunerView RD2 is the latest version of the ever popular TunerView series displays developed by Combining light and compact size with easy installation and operation, the RD2 is the benchmark for plug and play dashboards. The affordability of this unit does not mean it is lacking in features.  Touch screen and full color, with compatibility for all mainstream ECU systems, the RD2 puts a feature packed unit in the hands of grassroot racers or professionals alike without breaking the … Read More

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  • Racing Radio System

    SRC VX-261 Racer Radio System

    SRC Racer Radio System features the Vertex 5Watt VX-261 Racing Radios for optimal clarity and range.  This system is designed for use in medium range racing conditions.  It is not ideal for long distance endurance racing.  The system includes everything listed below and has several minor upgrades available at minimal cost as well.  The system also comes with a externally mounted antenna to further increase range.  An excellent purchase for short circle track or road course usage. For The Driver: … Read More

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  • Aim Smarty Cam

    AIM Smarty Cam HD

    AIM Smarty Cam HD The AIM Smarty Cam HD is designed specifically for automotive use in mind.  Unlike other action cameras that solely record video, the AIM Smarty Cam can also be used as a standalone unit with external GPS as WELL as with an AIM Data collection device.  This allows ease of use for folks looking to capture their video and data with one simple camera solution.  The AIM Smarty Cam HD is available in a 67 degree field … Read More

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