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  • Halotron

    Halotron 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher

    Halotron 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher Halotron is a “clean agent”  discharged rapidly as an evaporating liquid, leaving no residue.  This makes it perfect for automotive use.  Fires are extinguished by a cooling and smothering action which is Ideal for A and B type fires.  The chemical is approved for A,B, and C type fires as well (non conductive). This Halotron unit is compatible with all Brey Krause mounts and comes with a standard clamp type mount.

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  • SPA AFFF Fire System

    SPA AFFF Fire System

    SPA AFFF Fire System The SPA AFFF Fire System was designed for use in close cockpit cars.  It features a 4 Liter capacity with 4 nozzles.  The FIA legal bottle contains 4 Liters of AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam).   Each Kit Includes: • 4-Liter AFFF Bottle (filled & charged) • (1) 6-ft, (1) 12-ft Remote Pull Cable • (4) Nozzles (2-Engine, 2-Cockpit) • (1) 10mm-8mm Y-fitting • (2) 8 mm T-fittings • 0.5m 10mm Polyethylene-coated Aluminum Decabon Tubing • 4.5m … Read More

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