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gaffers tape
Allstar Black Gaffers Tape

Vinyl coated Gaffers Tape has a dull appearance and is much stronger than standard racer tape. Used to seal airways and provide more downforce, attach trackday schedules to anything, and reassemble shoes that are falling apart, this product is well … Continued

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Motul Racing Brake Fluid
Motul Racing Brake Fluid 600 1/2L

Extreme high performance polyglycol brake fluid. Far exceeds the standards of DOT 4. Each bottle is filled with Nitrogen, increasing shelf life and eliminating contamination while factory sealed. Extremely high dry boiling point 594F(312C) helps prevent vapor lock and brake … Continued

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Motul Gear 300
Motul Gear 300 Transmission Fluid

Motul Gear 300 Motul Gear 300 is a 100% synthetic lubricant for gearboxes and axles Specially developed for competition cars: racing circuit, rallies, endurance trials. In all types of cars, under all conditions of use, this oil has proved its … Continued

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Motul RBF 660
Motul Racing Brake Fluid 660 1/2L

Motul RBF 660 Motul RBF 660 Factory Line Brake Fluid is 100% Synthetic Racing Fluid – DOT 4 for extreme temperature & racing applications. All types of hydraulic brake and clutch actuators requiring non-silicone synthetic fluid. Widely exceeds the DOT … Continued

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