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  • AMB X2 Transponder

    AMB X2 Transponder

    The current generation AMB transponder used by SCCA, NASA, and many other large competitive organizations. This system is compatible with all existing AMB systems as well as the new X2 Multiloop systems. This system comes with wiring for 12V key on key off charging so you never will have to charge unit ahead of time. Note: This system requires access to a windows computer with a USB port. Activation is through registration on The included subscription is for 2 … Read More

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  • Apex Pro

    Apex Pro Track Coach

      Apex Pro Track Coach The Apex Pro Track Coach is more than just a lap timer.  The Apex Pro provides real time feedback on how you’re performing on the track.  Through the use of a LED bar feeding information to your peripheral view, you can identify areas where improvement can be made real time.  Instead of relying on your interpretation of data, this device helps simplify the data to allow immediate improvement in car. Features Wire Free installation Simple … Read More

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