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The Accusump is the original automotive oil accumulator. It is a cylinder shaped aluminum storage container that acts as a reservoir of pressurized oil, to be released when there is a drop in the oil pressure. The Accusump is connected to the pressure side of an engine’s oiling system and is charged by the engines own oil pump. Its simple, efficient design revolves around a hydraulic piston separating an air pre-charge side and an oil reservoir side. On the oil side of the Accusump it has an outlet that goes into the engine’s oiling system, controlled by a valve. On the air side it’s equipped with a pressure gauge(on oil accumulators only) and a schrader air valve, which allows you to add a pre-charge of air pressure to the Accusump.

The Accusump is available in multiple sizes.  Accessories sold apparently.


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2Qt, 3Qt, 3Qt HP