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Sparco's Shield RW-9 are among the most breathable, comfortable, and safe Nomex undergarments on the market. When developing this line, Sparco studied multiple drivers sitting positions ensuring the most flexibility and comfort possible. Sparco's Shield RW-9 has seamless construction with ultra soft stretchable material. There are two different materials woven in key areas, thin stretch Nomex for mobility and comfort as well as double perforated Nomex for maximum breathability and ultimate comfort. For more added comfort the Shield RW-9 has minimal seems that are stitched flat with thin specialized thread. All pieces of the Shield RW-9 line are treated with Sparco X-Cool Silver which draws optimal heat from the surface of the body to cool the driver. Along with cooling the driver, X-Cool Silver treatment has an anti-bacterial effect.

Sparco's Shield RW-9 collection has pieces that fit every driver's style, including long-sleeved undershirts, short-sleeved undershirts, long underpants, a balaclava hood with a single eye opening, knee- length socks and also mid-calf socks. They are available in white or black in four sizes XS/S,M/L,XL/XXL,XXXL for guaranteed fitment. Socks are available in sizes from 38/39 to 46. With exception to the short sleeved undershirt, the Shield RW-9 line is FIA 8856-2000 rated.


  • Seamless stretchable Nomex in key areas for mobility
  • Perforated knit in key areas for breathability
  • Designed for comfort in a driving position
  • Minimal external seams increase driver comfort
  • X Cool Silver draws heat from the body surface to cool the driver
  • X Cool Silver has anti-bacterial effect
  • Available in white or black