CROW KAM Lock Pro Adjuster Harness

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Crow KAM Lock Pro Adjuster Harness

On backorder until mid-July.

Crow Enterprizes Pro Adjuster

The Pro Aluminium adjusters can be seen in this picture.

We use the Crow Rotary KAM Lock racing harness system in our own racecar. It is the benchmark for affordable and quality in a multipoint racing harness, and is recertifiable.

SFI 16.1 Approved
2 Eye bolts included

Pictured units are displayed for color purposes- your individual harnesses may appear different depending on the options you select, such as Hans Uppers and the Pro Adjuster.

Feature Guide

Pro Adjuster

A new addition to the Crow Racing harnesses is a aluminium upgrade to the default steel adjuster which provides smoother belt movement. The pro adjuster upgrade includes HANS compliant shoulder belts.

HANS Uppers

If you plan on utilizing a HANS Device you want to get the HANS compliant upper straps. They will fit in your HANS device without having to curl at the edges. This comes with all pro adjuster harnesses.

Points of Attachment

The 5th and 6th points are both part of the submarine belt. Many people find opting for a 6th strap is more comfortable.

Lap Adjustment

Depending on where your seat is mounted in the car, being able to pull up on the straps to tighten them may make things significantly easier.

Bolt In Harness
Bolt In Installation
Harness Mount

The clip in application is the most common type and allows easier installation in various chassis types that aren't fiberglass based. The ends of the harness clip into provided eye bolts. The bolt in application is designed to be used in cars built with mounting tabs. 

Lead Time

CROW Harnesses are custom made to order.  Please expect an average of 3-5 days to ship.  If you have concerns with availability, please contact us before purchasing.

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