OBP 24" Steel Non-Locking Hydraulic Handbrake with Master Cylinder

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OBP 24" Steel Non-Locking Hydraulic Handbrake with Master Cylinder

Handbrake turns are common in rallying and Solo II (parking lot autocross) events. Success depends on quickly locking and then releasing the rear brakes, but a stock cable-operated system will not act quickly enough to allow full control. Hydraulic handbrakes work much faster, and with more precision than cable systems. This is why hydraulic handbrakes are found on all professional rally cars. They can also be used to help hold a car at the starting line of a road race or drag race.

This steel unit features a long 24" (600mm) round handle with a thin layer of padding. Durable black powder coat finish. Includes a single master cylinder. The master cylinder points to the rear of the car (assuming the driver pulls the handle to activate it).

To install, bolt the base to the transmission tunnel so the handle is near the steering wheel (you may need to reinforce the tunnel to reduce flexing). Connect the rear brake line from the footbrake master cylinder outlet to the 7/16-20 handbrake master cylinder inlet. Connect the line from the 3/8-24 handbrake master outlet to the rear brakes. When the handbrake is off, the brakes will function normally.

Note: Not for use as a parking brake! Hydraulic handbrakes are for competition use only. They do not maintain pressure for more than a few minutes, which will eventually let the car roll away. They are intended for use only in short bursts (less than one minute per brake application).