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AIM Smarty Cam HD

AIM Smarty Cam HD

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AIM Smarty Cam HD

The AIM Smarty Cam HD is designed specifically for automotive use in mind.  Unlike other action cameras that solely record video, the AIM Smarty Cam can also be used as a standalone unit with external GPS as WELL as with an AIM Data collection device. This allows ease of use for folks looking to capture their video and data with one simple camera solution. The AIM Smarty Cam HD is available in a 67 degree field of view or a 84 degree field of view.

The 67 degree field of view works best for use inside a car such as mounted on a roll bar. The 84 degree field of view works best outside the car such as on the roof or on the hood.

Specifications and Features

Each Kit Includes:
• SmartyCam HD Camera (select 60° or 84° lens)
• 4GB HC10 SD Card
• External CAN Cable
• USB Battery Charger with AC power adapter
• Software RaceStudio2 CD

Technical Specifications:
• Video format: H.264 1280x700 pixel @ 30 fps
• Display resolution: 128x128 pixel
• Lens: Telecentric with 6 elements
• Angle of view: 60°
• Internal battery: Rechargeable lithium battery - 1.950 mAh
• Battery charge: 700 mAh 12V
• Battery duration: 120-150 minutes of recording
• External power: 9-15 Volt
• Memory: Up to 128 Gb
• Memory capability: 1.5 Gb (1 hour low quality recording), 2 Gb (1 hour medium quality recording), 4 Gb (1 hour high quality recording)
• Accelerometer: Tri-axial ± 5G
• Usage temperatures: -10°C/+60°C
• Auto Power ON: Yes, if connected to an AIM logger
• Auto Power OFF: Yes
• Auto Start/Stop Recording: Yes
• Dimensions: 87x63x49 mm
• Weight: 280 g, battery included
• Waterproof: IP67

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