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Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

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Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

The Antigravity PS-45 is an extremely compact, lightweight Lithium-Ion Portable Power Station that offers a best in class 45,000mAh of capacity and wide variety of output ports. Charge and power Phones, Tablets, GPS Units, Cameras, Laptop Computers, Camp Lighting and much more. This is the most compact power station available with this much capacity!


  • High Capacity: 45,000mAh (166Wh)
  • 5 Power Outputs:
    • Dual 12V DC outputs
    • Dual USB ports (QC 3.0 support)
    • AC outlet (100W continuous)
  • LED Light built-in
  • 2 Ways to Recharge:
    • Wall Charger (included)
    • Optional Solar Panels (see our XS-60 and XS-100)

      PS-45 Portable Power Station

      Antigravity Batteries is excited to introduce our new Energy Storage series of solar-rechargeable Power Stations and Solar Panels. The ultra compact PS-45 power bank is only 6 x 3 x 6.3 inches and a lightweight 2.86 lbs – easy to take anywhere you need power!

      Antigravity Batteries PS-45 Power Station/Charger

      The PS-45 Power Station is the perfect companion for traveling, camping, and at home for emergency use or to help with energy conservation. It has dual Quick-Charge USB ports, two 12V outputs, and an AC outlet. It also features a convenient LED light built into the backside. Keep most all your electronic devices charged up, including the MICRO-START and other mini jump-starters/power supplies. The PS-45 itself can be recharged by plugging it into the wall (charger included) or by using compatible solar panels such as our XS-60 or XS-100.

      Five Power Ports

      • Two 12v DC outputs
      • Two QC USB outputs
      • AC output

      From phones to laptops, the Antigravity PS-45 can charge most all your devices with its variety of power ports. Compatible with Micro-Starts!

      Antigravity PS-45 Power Station, Device Charging
      Antigravity PS-45 Power Station, Solar Rechargeable

      Two Ways to Recharge

      • Just plug it into the wall.
      • Recharge from the sun!

      The PS-45 power station is easily recharged by wall outlet (cable included) or by using a compatible solar panel. (Antigravity Solar Panels coming soon!)

      Ultra Portable

      • LxWxH: only 6.3 x 3 x 6 inches
      • Weight: only 2.86 lbs

      Tiny footprint, big power! With 45,000mAh, the PS-45 is the most compact power station available with this much capacity. Easy to take anywhere you need power.

      Antigravity Portable Power Station, PS-45
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