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Autopower Bolt In Race Roll Bar - Acura/Honda

Autopower Bolt In Race Roll Bar - Acura/Honda

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Autopower Bolt In Race Roll Bar - Acura/Honda

Autopower roll bars and cages meet or exceed the safety requirements for most competition sanctioning organizations. The bars and cages have been designed to easily install and provide maximum protection. The fit in your vehicle allows quick and easy entry and most importantly, quick exiting, while conforming closely to your interior for a clean, unobtrusive look and feel.

All of the Autopower bars and cages are certified MIG welded and precision jig notched, providing you with the maximum strength and best fit available. Every roll bar or cage has been designed to fit ­specific car models so only minor ­modifications are necessary for the instal­lation. Most applications are a true bolt-in and require NO WELDING.

The race roll bar is designed for solo, autocross and high speed time trials. All Race roll bars have a diagonal cross brace and most have a harness mount tube. 

  • Autopower will select tube size and type for your needs.
  • Race roll bars are made with 1.750 x .120 DOM steel.
  • Cars weighing more than 3500 lbs. use 2" x 120 ERW steel.
  • 4 point mounting with welded diagonal cross brace.
  • All necessary installation and mounting hardware with back-up plates is included.
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