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Exedy Hyper Carbon Clutch

Exedy Hyper Carbon Clutch

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Exedy Hyper Carbon Clutch

We didn't list all the available applications on this page so be sure to contact us if you don't see your particular application.

The flagship model of EXEDY clutches, the Hyper Carbon Series. In 1995 EXEDY supplied carbon clutch products for use in the pinnacle series of motorsport; Formula One. This same technology is now applied to carbon clutches developed by EXEDY for use on the street and track. These clutches are lightweight, durable and resilient to high heat, contributing to an improvement in track times. Available in single, twin and triple designs with both rigid or damper discs for a full range of power holding capacity.

EXEDY carbon discs are able to perform through long durations of high rotational velocity due to our precise application of carbon. The fibers are set one-by-one in a weaving pattern and baked at more than 3600°F, finalizing the strengthening process. Heat expansion rate is 1/20th of iron therefore eliminating a change in clutch feel that may happen due to distortion caused by expansion during driving. Carbon material also possesses a “non-stick” characteristic that eliminates disengagement problems.


The next generation of clutch systems by EXEDY is the Hyper Carbon-D, the revolutionary carbon clutch system. Carbon-D was developed to achieve the ultimate goal of comfort and streetability by absorbing noise and vibration emitted from drivetrain components such as the differential, transmission and engine. The Carbon-D system is designed to protect the drivetrain by absorbing and dissipating “shock torque” by utilizing EXEDY Patented Technology. Superior engineering enables the Carbon-D clutch system to posses an ideal clutch engagement position, increased clamp loads and lower pedal effort, while the unique carbon fiber friction material allows comfortable half-engaged clutch operation and responsive gear changes. The EXEDY Hyper Carbon-D is available in both single and twin clutch configurations.

Low Inertia Design

The weight of a carbon clutch disc is one third that of a metallic disc. Utilizing a high friction coefficient Hyper Carbon disc which allows for quicker shift response. Low inertia discs allow the transmission to synchronize in a shorter space of time eliminating time loss during shift changing while also reducing the applied load to the synchronizer.

Easy to Handle

By controlling the carbon fibers and baking temperature, the cross layer type carbon material, which is the most appropriate for high revolution strength and high torque transmission, is applied to tuning car clutches. Semi-carbon clutches offer lightweight, high heat resistance and a stable friction coefficient. EXEDY carbon clutches are tuned so that at a lower temperature, engagement feeling is improved and conversely at high temperatures, engagement is ideal for spirited driving.

Warm Up Procedure

Carbon clutches are not recommended for street use due to the inconsistent friction coefficient from hot to cold. Carbon clutches require a warm up procedure before being driven aggressively.

Due to this nature we only recommend carbon clutches for race only applications or to customers who completely understand the characteristics of a carbon clutch. A very big misconception of a carbon clutch is that the vehicle is warm so isn't the clutch?

These units work excellent on dedicated race cars due to the driver being able to do the warm up procedure prior to the start of the race and every time driver upshifts or downshifts at higher RPM he is continuing to add heat to the clutch disc. Without heat in a carbon clutch the friction coefficient is significantly lower than when heated. It is at these points in a street car that the customer may decide to put the pedal to the metal causing the clutch to slip and wear out prematurely due to inadequate heat being in the clutch disc.

Installing a sports/racing clutch to suit various vehicles can transfer harmonic noises from the engine to the gearbox. This is also called gearbox rattle. This can occur at idle and during acceleration/deceleration.

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