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Full Race MHI Honda 2.0L Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade

Full Race MHI Honda 2.0L Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade

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Full Race MHI Honda 2.0L Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade

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The MHI Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade for Honda 2.0T engines is a 100-percent bolt-on upgrade made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), the OEM supplier to Honda. If you want an impressive boost in power with no sacrifice in spool time or reliability for your Civic Type R (or other 2.0T compatible vehicles), then this turbocharger is exactly what you’re looking for.

Full Race worked with Mitsubishi and Hondata to create a true plug-and-play solution that eliminates the need to update or change all of the other parts that come with a typical turbocharger upgrade. A simple product that can be installed using all of the stock components - this is a true bolt-on solution for drivers who want to get more out of their vehicles without having to spend hours in the garage.

With all-new turbine and compressor wheels, this turbo upgrade qualifies as a stage 2 turbo. This stage 2 turbo designation features an increase of 7mm larger compressor and 5mm larger turbine compared to the original OEM Type R turbo. You can expect an increase in power of around 33 percent (to ~400hp), with a potential for up to 60+ percent increase in power (500+hp) with race fuel or ethanol.

Power gains are only good if created reliably. Thankfully MHI is a trusted manufacturer that makes all of Honda’s OEM turbochargers. The housings are completely identical to the stock turbo, retaining all of the same mounting points and footprint. It also retains the OEM blowoff valve, electronic wastegate actuator, oil feed and drain, and water inlet and outlet.

Compressor Specifications

An impressive increase in the size of the compressor wheel helps increase power while still maintaining the stock fitment.

  • Compressor Exducer: 65mm (58mm stock)
  • Compressor Inducer: 51.5mm (49mm stock)

2017+ FK8 Honda Civic Type-R OEM Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Compressor Map

Turbine Specifications

With a larger compressor comes the need for a larger higher-flowing turbine, so we’ve updated the turbine wheel, too. 

  • Turbine Inducer: 52mm (47mm stock)
  • Turbine Exducer: 47.7mm (41.23mm stock)

2017+ FK8 Honda Civic Type-R OEM Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Turbine Map 


This MHI turbo upgrade designed for the FK8 Civic Type R is compatible with other Honda and Acura vehicles, including 2018+ Accord 2.0T, 2019+ RDX 2.0T, 2019+ TLX 2.0T

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