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GKTech 240SX Offset Strut Tops

GKTech 240SX Offset Strut Tops

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GKTech 240SX Offset Strut Tops

GKTECH now offers three different variants of our offset strut tops!

All of them are designed and made similar, sharing the following;

- CNC machined
- Lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminium
- Direct bolt on replacement for all struts with 2.36'' spacing (90%+ of coil overs)

Offset strut tops allow for additional adjustment at the top of the strut and allow you to further adjust camber and castor, at the top as opposed to through the lower control arm at the bottom.

Depending on your budget, build quality and levels of adjustment needed we have tailored the options to suit all setups, which are …

Budget Strut tops

These are named the "budget" version due to the strut top needing to be cut if you wanted to be able to use the additional range of adjustment available.

This is good for someone who just needs the adjustment and is happy to cut the strut tops.

The budget strut tops are 0.42' (12mm) thick and will space the coilover down this much.

These also include the required studs and nuts.

NOTE: Unfortunately, these DO NOT fit HSD or Tein Super Drift coilovers. 
We suggest checking the dimensions in the product photos to confirm fitment.

NOTE#2: The S13 240sx and A31 Cefiro these can be used if you space the plate down 8mm.

If you were not so keen on cutting your strut tops, this brings us to our V2 offset strut tops, which do NOT require cutting ...

V2 Offset strut tops

These V2 offset strut tops are the good all-rounder strut top, they offer a good range of adjustment and do NOT require you to cut your strut top.

These are a two piece design and are 0.86' (22mm) thick and will space the coilover down this much.

NOTE: Unfortunately, these DO NOT fit HSD or Tein Super Drift coilovers. 
We suggest checking the dimensions in the product photos to confirm fitment.

NOTE #2: In some cases, the dampener adjusters that are on top do not allow full range of adjustment. This depends on your dampener, you could either cut a hole for the dampener or remove it.

This brings us to the be all end all of strut top adjustment ...

V3 Premium offset strut tops

These are the bee’s knees, the ant’s pants, the ducks nuts of adjustment!

We have never heard of any of our customers to date state that they have run out of adjustment with our premium offset strut tops.

The premium version does NOT require you to cut your strut tops and also introduces the ability to adjust caster independently of camber.

The premium offset strut tops are 1.22' (31mm) thick and will space the coilover down this much.

This version also can be used with basically all aftermarket strut tops, so it ticks all the boxes.

These also include the required bolts, washers and nuts.

All the above strut tops are designed to be fitted to the following vehicles.

Vehicle Compatibility

  • Nissan S13 240sx
  • Nissan S13 Silvia
  • Nissan S14 240sx 
  • Nissan S15 Silvia
  • Nissan A31 Cefiro 


What’s the purpose of having an offset strut? When you run longer LCA's (lower control arms) over your standard items, there is an increase in negative camber. Moving the strut top out helps to decrease camber and in doing so with the wheel sitting further out of the wheel arch, this will allow for more steering lock. The other benefit in these strut tops is that they also have castor adjustment.

Adjusting castor from the top of the strut is another way of reducing steering bind. Steering bind brings a significant amount of load to your steering rack, tie rod ends and your knuckle and sucks to drive with!

Do these jack the car up? Yes, they do. The heights can be seen above, but also can be seen here;

Budget strut top - 0.42' (12mm) V2 Offset strut top - 0.86' (22mm) V3 Premium offset strut top - 1.22' (31mm)

Once installed you simply reduce the height of your coilover and it will counteract the height difference.

Will this fit my car and if not do you make these for other cars? We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit and we only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it.

Are these hard to install? No they are not that bad!You just need to unbolt the top of the strut, let the suspension naturally drop. Depending on which model you choose you will either need to cut the strut top once you have an idea the range of adjustment.Our V2 and Premium version do not require cutting, from there you bolt up the strut top and adjust until it is close.You then need to re-set your vehicle height.Then best to get a wheel alignment.

Will I have to get a wheel alignment after installing these?Yes, after installing these offset strut tops, your camber (and castor if you adjust it) will have altered, which throws almost all the settings in the front out of whack!So it is best to get a front wheel alignment.

Is there anything else needed for installation?No, we supply all accessories to fit the tops and they will arrive as shown in the product photo.

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