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GKTech S13 240SX/R32 Skyline Subframe Anti-Squat Reduction Weld In Kit

GKTech S13 240SX/R32 Skyline Subframe Anti-Squat Reduction Weld In Kit

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GKTech S13 240SX/R32 Skyline Subframe Anti-Squat Reduction Weld In Kit

The GKTECH S13 anti-squat reduction weld in kit has been designed for those with an S13 (or R32) rear subframe that want an increase in rear-end grip. Designed from a 3D scan with the addition of CMM data the brackets relocate the front pick up point for your rear lower control arm altering your suspension curves. Laser-cut, steel, and with simple step by step instructions makes modifying your subframe a heap easier than attempting to do it yourself without guidance.

S13/R32 rear subframes have a higher anti-squat value of 45%, changing the pitch of the rear lower control arm by relocating the front pick up near 2 inches lower you are replicating the geometry of an S14/S15 and changing the anti-squat value to 0%. This gives further traction through corner exit, bumps etc by allowing the car to squat (and actually use the suspension as intended). This is a common modification for anyone looking to get more forward bite on their S13 and we’ve now made it easier than ever.

In addition to reducing the anti-squat value, roll center is raised 20mm increasing roll stiffness, anti-lift is reduced from 80% to 20% assisting in braking by reducing wheel travel and preventing droop when hard braking. Bump steer is also reduced by 6mm at 100mm compression/rebound. In short, this is a MUST for S13/R32 owners looking for more traction. 

Vehicle Compatibility

  • Nissan S13 240sx
  • Nissan S13 Silvia
  • Nissan R32 GTS/GTS-T Skyline
  • Nissan R32 GTR
  • Nissan A31 Cefiro
  • Nissan C33 Laurel 

NOTE: due to the increase in misalignment in the rear LCA bushings, using aftermarket LCA's that run spherical bearings/heims or spherical bearing conversion for your OEM rear LCA is recommended


Will these fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment of the vehicles listed above. If your vehicle isn't listed there then we can't be sure. Sorry

How hard is this kit to install?
It is pretty straight forward and the sufbrame doens't need to be removed for these to be fitted but you'll obviously need access to a welder and know how to use one. Gluing these in wouldn't be anywhere near as effective

Are these FD Legal?
Yes, based on the following from 2020 FD Technical Rules and Regulations "Additional mounting tabs may be added to the subframe to relocate the suspension arm mounting points within a maximum of 2 inches on any plane from the original mounting position."

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