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K1 Race Gear Premier Underpants

K1 Race Gear Premier Underpants

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K1 Race Gear Premier Underpants

If you race sports cars, open-wheel cars, stock cars or any other type of race car, we highly recommend that you invest in a pair of SFI Certified fire-resistant Nomex pants, even if the sanctioning body that you race under doesn't require them. Like helmets, neck braces, and proper belts, we believe that Nomex fire-resistant pants should be considered a crucial and standard piece of safety equipment. The benefits go beyond safety, however; Nomex clothing also helps to keep you comfortable on the track, by wicking moisture away from the body and allowing circulation. We think that you will see for yourself the first time that you try them on. Order yours today!


We have designed our K1 Premier Nomex pants to provide you, the racer, with a number of different benefits. Featuring soft Nomex material for comfort and contrast cross-stitching for style and durability, our K1 Premier Nomex fire-resistant pants are practical, comfortable, and effective. They are also designed to meet stringent safety standards; if you need high-quality Nomex clothing to satisfy sanctioning body regulations, you will be pleased to discover that our K1 Premier Nomex pants meet SFI 3.3 certified. Perhaps best of all, they are also competitively priced, as we believe that nobody should be denied crucial safety gear due to exorbitant pricing. The benefits are clear!_

  • SFI 3.3-approved
  • Wicks away perspiration to keep you dry
  • Light and comfortable
  • Keeps your suit clean and dry
  • Contrast cross-stitching
  • Matching Nomex undershirt available
  • SFI requires a TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) rating of 6. The K1 RaceGear underwear tested at 11.9
  • Made with a softer material and a more ergonomic, form-fit cut to prevent bunching and provide better comfort

If you are asking yourself where you can find a pair of high-quality Nomex fire-resistant pants at an affordable price, we have the answer for you. Not only are our K1 Premier Nomex pants built to the highest quality standards, they are also eligible for professional competition events, thanks to their SFI homologation certifications. Don't hesitate any longer! Order a pair (or two) of our pants today.

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