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MeLe Design Firm Battery Mount - Ford

MeLe Design Firm Battery Mount - Ford

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MeLe Design Firm Battery Mount - Ford

MeLe Design Firm's battery mount boxes shed vital weight from the nose of the vehicle, create usable space to custom mount various items, clean up the engine bay, and are track tested.


It should be noted that when using a lightweight battery the Auto On/Off feature of the Ford Focus RS may not function. 

Modifications to the OEM ECU panel are necessary if you have CPE motor or transmission mounts installed on your vehicle.

It should be noted that the AGM batteries listed above are not recommended for the 5.0L Mustang GT if the motor has been modified. 


  • 5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum
  • CNC cut in house
  • Hand formed and hand finished
  • TIG welded 
  • Each mount comes with a unique serial # for authenticity and quality control
  • Comes with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Direct fit, no drilling required
  • Designed to fit the Odyssey PC680, XS Power D680, Full Throttle FT230, and Braille G20 battery.
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