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MyLaps TR2 Transponder Lifetime Subscription

MyLaps TR2 Transponder Lifetime Subscription

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MyLaps TR2 Transponder Lifetime Subscription

The MyLaps Speedhive app provides a wealth of information, but if you never plan to access it there's no longer any need to pay a subscription fee! This "Lifetime" TR2 option eliminates the subscription fees, letting you buy just once and never pay again. The tradeoff is that the Lifetime version does not provide access to the Speedhive app. It is accepted at all tracks requiring AMB or MyLaps TranX260, X2 (red stripe), or TR2 transponders. Sold individually.


  • Fully charged in 5 hours or can be powered by your vehicle battery if you select Direct Power
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) timing systems
  • Accurate and reliable

Note: This is the transponder only, with no subscription. You must add a charger or direct power line, and mounting bracket, each sold separately.

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