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OMP Racing Battery Disconnect Kill Switch

OMP Racing Battery Disconnect Kill Switch

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OMP Racing Battery Disconnect Kill Switch


The OMP Universal battery disconnect switch is a 2-post design with 8mm posts and a removable key, this switch is rated for 100 continuous amps or 500 peak amps. The switch is designed only for disconnecting the battery. Included is an OMP battery disconnect decal. Not FIA approved.


The OMP Universal Battery 6-Pole kill switch offers 3 sets of contacts for vehicles with alternators. Primary contacts disconnect the battery, while the secondary contacts disable the ignition coil and short the alternator to ground. Includes a 3-ohm resistor (to help protect the alternator), weather-proof cover, and removable red key (remote cable compatible). Rated for 100 Amps of continuous duty, and 500 Amps peak FIA Approved

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