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Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Weld-In Cage

Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Weld-In Cage

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Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Weld-In Cage

 A weld-in cage will ease fuel cell installation by offering a pre-made, safe and secure, robust cradle. The cage is made with 1" x 1" x 1/16" STAINLESS STEEL tube. They are TIG welded by hand and are polished. And because they are not mild carbon steel, they are rust resistant!

If preferred and with proper preparations, the cage can be painted as shown below.  

Welding is required and should be performed by a professional.

The fuel cell fits snug in the cage and is held in place with the included anodized aluminum straps. All parts are corrosion resistant.


  • The weld-in cages are ONLY compatible with the Radium RA-series fuel cells. 
  • The 14 gallon and 15 gallon weld-in cages are interchangeable.
  • Made in Portland Oregon, USA.


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