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Radium Engineering Nissan Fuel/Brake Line Retainer Kit

Radium Engineering Nissan Fuel/Brake Line Retainer Kit

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Radium Engineering Nissan Fuel/Brake Line Retainer Kit

Installation Instructions

The following are billet aluminum clamps that replace the plastic retainers that secure the OEM hard lines underneath Nissan vehicles.


The Radium Engineering fuel brake line retainer kit supports large aftermarket fuel lines under the following vehicles.


  • Nissan S13 Silvia (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S13 180SX (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S14 Silvia (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S14 200SX (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S14 240SX (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S15 Silvia (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan S15 200SX (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan R32 Skyline (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan R33 Skyline (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)
  • Nissan R34 Skyline (All models/trims/RHD/LHD)


1. Anodized 6061 aluminum with stainless steel hardware to resist oxidation. 
2. Certain vehicles will only use 7 of the 8 provided retainers.

3. This fuel brake line retainer kit does not include aftermarket fuel lines.

4. Compatible with 6AN (return) and 8AN (feed) Radium Fuel/PCV hose.
5. Reference the dimensions illustrated below to determine fuel line compatibility.

6. There is no way of determining what size different types of fuel lines are compatible (rubber, braided, PTFE, aluminum, steel, etc). 

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