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Radium Engineering Nissan S13 SR20DET Fuel Rail Kit

Radium Engineering Nissan S13 SR20DET Fuel Rail Kit

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Radium Engineering Nissan S13 SR20DET Fuel Rail Kit

Installation Instructions

This CNC machined fuel rail for the Nissan Silvia SR20DET features a large 0.69 inch internal bore and high flow ports that accept a wide variety of adapter fittings to suit any custom installation. The black satin anodized finish makes it safe to use with all blends of gasoline and alcohol fuels. It installs to the factory fuel rail mounting points and uses aftermarket top-feed fuel injectors.

This fuel rail features 3 large threaded ports (ends and one on the bottom) that are -8AN ORB female. It also has a 1/8NPT female port on the top.

Appropriate fittings must be selected based on the specific application. Ample space around the fuel rail port(s) is necessary for larger accessories such as fuel pressure regulators, fuel pressure gauges, and fuel pulse dampers. To verify clearance, the dimensional drawings on the product pages can be used as a reference guide.

This fuel rail features an extra 8AN ORB port in the center on the bottom. This can be used as a location for a Radium FPD-R fuel pulse damper (P/N 20-0176), as shown below. Fuel pulse dampers can be found HERE. Or this port can be plugged.

Intake Manifold Compatibility

This fuel rail kit is designed for the Nissan S13 SR20DET (RWD configuration) intake manifold. Radium Engineering has NOT tested on any FWD SR20 intake manifolds.

For the SR20DET S14/S15 fuel rail, go HERE.

This S13 SR20DET fuel rail will also work on most aftermarket intake manifolds that use the OEM fuel rail (as shown below).
NOTE: there are many aftermarket intake manifolds available for the SR20DET. Radium Engineering has not tested every manifold on the market. Please use the photos on this page to judge if the fuel rail may be compatible. And always ask the intake manifold producer if the OEM fuel rail is compatible. If so, then the Radium fuel rail will likely work as well.

Lastly, 3 of the plastic OEM 5mm spacers (Nissan 17522-10V00) must be reused and placed under the included mounting brackets for thermal insulation and proper fuel rail height.

Injector Compatibility

The Radium fuel rail converts from side feed fuel injectors to top feed, allowing the use of high flow aftermarket fuel injectors. Fuel injectors are not included and not sold by Radium Engineering. Reference the diagram below to ensure compatible fuel injectors are obtained. For this fuel rail, a 34mm tall universal injector with 14mm upper and lower O-rings must be used. Most popular injector suppliers offer a fuel injector in this configuration. Refer the injector supplier to this page if needed.
NOTE: Short 34mm injectors are used in this kit because hood clearance may become an issue if taller injectors are used.

Below are some of the many fuel injectors that are a direct fitment with this Radium fuel rail kit:

  • Injector Dynamics ID850-34-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1050x-34-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1300-34-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID1700-34-14-14
  • Injector Dynamics ID2000-34-14-14 
  • RC Engineering SM2-0310
  • RC Engineering SM2-0370
  • RC Engineering SM2-0450
  • Deatschwerks 16U-00-0042-4
  • Deatschwerks 16U-00-0050-4
  • Deatschwerks 16U-00-0065-4
  • Deatschwerks 16U-00-0090-4
  • Deatschwerks 16M-00-1500-4
  • Deatschwerks 16M-00-2200-4

The billet aluminum injector seats are anodized and laser etched and press into the intake manifold as shown. They provide a sealed base for the top feed injectors.


The photo below shows what is included in this kit. Fittings must be purchased separately.

  • Black Anodized Aluminum Fuel Rail
  • Black Anodized Aluminum 30mm Injector Seats (20-0160-04)
  • 3x Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • 6x Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts

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