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Schroth Twist Anchor FHR Clips

Schroth Twist Anchor FHR Clips

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Schroth Twist Anchor FHR Clips

These latest FHR anchor clips from Schroth are a completely new design which have been developed to be easier to clip the FHR device to. The clips will fit to any helmet which has M6 female receptacles.

  • Simple screw in fitment to approved helmets
  • Easier to attach and detach FHR device
  • FIA 8860-2015 approved

These FHR posts are only approved for use with helmets which have the following homologation: FIA 8860-2018, FIA 8858-2010, FIA 8859-2015, FIA 8860-2010, Snell SA2010, Snell SA2015

Suitable ONLY for use with Schroth 'Twist anchor' FHR tethers.

Sold as a pair

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