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SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding - Dual Durometer

SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding - Dual Durometer

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SFI 45.1 Approved Roll Bar Padding - Dual Durometer

BSCI is offering an innovation for occupant protection in vehicles outfitted with a roll cage.  Our dual durometer padding takes SFI 45.1 roll bar padding a step further combining a soft texture with a SFI 45.1 approved core material. We have listened to customers and developed a product that is especially advantageous to the street driven race car as well as for those racers who prefer the soft touch characteristics when it comes to padding but also want to provide themselves with the protection only BSCI 45.1 approved padding can provide.

The dual durometer padding is constructed in two pieces. The outer surface is very durable, soft touch foam and the inner padding is SFI 45.1 approved. With this combination, lower speed impacts feel much softer than with just the SFI approved padding but when higher speed impacts occur, the SFI 45.1 approved core reduces the chances of serious injuries. Best of all, it will meet all sanctioning body requirements where SFI 45.1 approved padding is mandated.

The manufacturing process is done so that the outer soft padding can be removed when needed. This padding is especially good in high traffic areas where normal padding starts to deteriorate due to contact with the body. Locations such as door bars or anywhere that parts of the body are in constant contact with the roll cage is where the dual durometer padding is best utilized.

Dual durometer padding can be used in conjunction with BSCI SFI 45.1 part numbers:   78001, 78001-1, 78001-125 and 78001-375.

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