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Simpson FIA Hybrid S Neck Restraint

Simpson FIA Hybrid S Neck Restraint

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Simpson FIA Hybrid S

The Simpson FIA Hybrid is the ONLY Head and Neck Restraint System tested and approved by Simpson for use with 3-point belts. This is ideal for anyone who may jump into multiple cars that have various harness equipment, such as driving instructors and testing engineers.

M61 Anchor

Simpson M61 Anchors are designed as an alternative to the bulky traditional D-Ring fastener with a clean, quick-release style anchor that attaches directly to the helmet. Compatible with Simpson Hybrid systems equipped with the M61 Tethers.

IMPORTANT: Other systems that share the "Hybrid" name have not been tested and are NOT recommended for use with 3-point belts.


  • FIA Approved
  • High quality carbon fiber construction
  • Low profile. No high back to hook on the bars on exit
  • Multiple load paths to dissipate head loads
  • Buckle attachment in front. No bulky straps underneath
  • Installation manual

Expires after 5 years.

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