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Sparco Eagle RS 8.2 FIA Racing Suit

Sparco Eagle RS 8.2 FIA Racing Suit

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Eagle RS 8.2

The Eagle RS 8.2 is newest evolution of the Eagle. The new Eagle RS-8.1 features an updated, softer HOCOTEX material. The Eagle RS-8.1 features an all-new design with four new colorways. The arms and legs are now pre-curved for more driver comfort.

Single Layer Construction. Three Layer Protection.

The Eagle RS 8.2 is the result of over 3 years of research and development. Sparco has patented a new technology called HOCOTEX® which revolutionizes the way racing suits are made. This new exclusive Sparco technology creates a single layer fabric which has the protection of what is normally achieved by a multi-layer fabric. The Eagle RS-8 is FIA 8858-2000 homologated.

Lightness and Comfort through Technology

The Eagle RS 8.2 made in HOCOTEX® is one of the lightest racing suits in the world.

Comfort never felt before

Thanks to HOCOTEX®, the Eagle RS 8.2 is three times more breathable than a suit produced using traditional technology. The use of this relatively thinner fabric along with large side and back stretch panels and 360 degree arm gussets give the Eagle RS 8.2 ultimate flexibility and comfort. The Eagle RS-8.2 uses at new stretch material called Eagle fabric. This Eagle Fabric is lighter, more breathable and abrasion resistant than the traditional stretch material. In addition the Eagle RS-8.2 features reinforced arms and legs with anti-abrasive material.

Improved fire resistance

Traditional racing suits have layers of fabric sewn together with a quilted pattern. The quilting provides air space between the layers which bloats in a fire, this provides thermal protection to the driver. HOCOTEX® creates a honeycomb structure with internal air cells that ensure the driver even more fire protection. Traditional box quilting creates an average of 300 air chambers in a size 52 suit. The Eagle RS 8.2 has over 60,000 microcell air chambers which provide a 10 to 12% increase in heat protection performance.

The Eagle RS-8.2 is available in four new colorways: White/Red, White/Blue, Black/Red and Black/Grey in sizes 48-66. The Eagle RS-8.2 is FIA 8856-2000 homologated.


  • Single layer construction, multi-layer protection
  • 3X more breathable than a standard suit 360 Degree arm gussets
  • Large side and back stretch panels with new breathable fabric
  • Reinforced arms and legs with anti-abrasive material
  • 3 years of Research and Development
  • HOCOTEX® Patented Sparco Technology – Made in Italy
  • Available in four colorways FIA 8856-2000 Homologated


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