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We Don't Lift Bumper Quick Release

We Don't Lift Bumper Quick Release

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We Don't Lift Bumper Quick Release

Fix a broken bumper or fender tab, quickly remove your bumper, or simply enhance the look of your vehicle! These quick disconnect fastener kits are great for trunks, fenders, bumpers, and any other body panels on your car you may need to frequently remove and reattach quickly. These are ideal for track cars who may hit walls or cones with their vehicle and would like to have the force of the impact break the rubber o-ring, rather than break their body panels.

What's Included

The kits come with the colored aluminum spacers, 4 washers, 4 nuts, 4 steel screws and 2 rubber o-rings.

Replacing Quick Release Bumper O-Rings

Here in Arizona we are no stranger to the wear and tear that occurs on our rubbers and plastics, and so we understand that the rubber o-rings on your quick release bumper kit may snap. While you can buy bags of these o-rings on Amazon in various colors, we have also seen people use

  • Hair Ties
  • Plastic Zip Ties
  • Twine

Remember, it should be something that will break more easily than your body panel material. If you use something that won't break to attach your two quick disconnect panel pieces a crash is likely to just snap the panel instead of the connection.

What Are The Bumper Quick Release Kits For?

Many drivers will be familiar with their front bumper tabs breaking with age and use. Misalignment and improper bumper fitment is a super common issue with our modern vehicles that are made of plastic. Rather than buying a new bumper, you can opt to purchase the quick release bumper kit, drill two holes, and tighten up the gap on your bumper.

For motorsports they come in handy for racers who need to frequently take their bumper and other body panels off, rather it be to get it on the trailer, or just because they participate in a motorsport where contact happens a lot.

Others just like the style. Since bumper quick releases are frequently seen on modified cars, they've become popular accessories for enthusiasts that want inexpensive options to "get the look". They come in many different colors some drivers opt to pick a bold contrasting color that accents their car's livery, while others may go for a subtle finish that blends in.

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Treat R.
United States

Quick release product

Very easy install and great product has held up very well so far

Tony S.

Neon Chrome

The Product is good but the screw is already rusting after a week. I'm suspecting they are coated and the coating came off drilling them in. They look nice. Would recommend getting different bolts.