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Wheel Mate Monster Open End Lug Nut(Set of 20)

Wheel Mate Monster Open End Lug Nut(Set of 20)

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Wheel Mate Monster Open End Lug Nut 

Modern Performance Wheels that fit your Modern Muscle Car usually come at a disadvantage; the wheel bolt holes are usually very tight and more OEM wheels are using a Mag-type lug nut that doesn’t work with most aftermarket wheels. The Wheel Mate Monster Lug Nut is your solution for your Mopar, FoMoCo, or GM hotrod! Designed to fit lug studs in the M14x1.5 and 1 / 2” thread pitches, they are a 19 Hex thin-wall lug nut that fits in small bolt holes of most modern aftermarket wheels. Being made of Cold Forged Chrome Vanadium, the Monster Lugs are OEM quality without the weight. The oversized, 60 degree tapered seat offers better contact on the wheel and the top is knurled for easier installation. Monster Lugs are also open-ended for full stud engagement and to accommodate extended lug studs and is directly derived by racing.


  • Forged steel 50BV30
  • 19 HEX lug nut
  • Length : 48mm
  • Wheel locks sold separately
  • Available Thread Pitches: M14x1.50 or 1/2″x20
  • Blue, Red, Titanium, Neon Chrome, Black, Silver, Purple and Chrome finishes
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