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AIM MXL2 Dash Data Logger

AIM MXL2 Dash Data Logger

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AIM MXL2 Dash Data Logger

The AiM MXL2 acquires and displays data from your ECU engine, the internal accelerometer gyro as well as a GPS08 Module in the kit.

MXL2 dash logger provides all the information needed by professionals and amateur drivers. The dash has been designed to make configuration and usage smooth and easy for people using it for the first time, or people from a technical background.

The MXL2 can support up to eight analogue inputs to measure variable outputs to measure variable outputs such as pressures, thrum-resistance even custom sensors. All of these are recorded up to 1000 times per second.


  • MXL2
  • GPS Module with cable
  • USB cable
  • 37 pins standard harness
  • Race Studio 3 software

A Wide Range of Data Sources

The Aim MXL2 is the new dash logger that provides all the data needed by professional race drivers to monitor the performance of the car and their driving style. The product has been designed with the aim of making configuration and usage smooth and easy either for any level of driver.

Aim MXL2 acquires and displays data from your engine ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS module included in the kit, analog / digital inputs and predefined math channels. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.

CAN Output

With the CAN Output you can send messages directly to an existing CAN network in order to improve the range of vehicle control possibilities.

MXL2 Data Logger CAN Output

Custom Pages

You can define up to eight different custom pages, choosing among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure units. This image shows examples of pages with 1, 2, 3 or 4 different data.

Custom pages

Flexible Alarms

Six different alarm LED’s. You choose the conditions, the colours and the flashing frequency. You can also configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, GPS information or math channels. You can also associate an alarm LED a message and a digital output with each event.

MXL2 Flexible Alarms

Two Digital Outputs

MXL2 features two digital outputs. Each of them can give an output of 1 amp at 12 volts: they can be configured in order to be turned on/off depending on the value of the analog or digital inputs. They permit to automatically run external systems, i.e. to switch on/off additional lights, to activate/de-activate a cooling fan or circulation pumps, etc. when a certain event happens.

Two Digital Outputs

Integrated Shift Light Array

An integrated shift light is a hallmark of the MXL, but an even better 10 LED shift light array is found in the MXL2. Choose from a host of advanced multicolour RGB shift light patterns that can be customized to your liking, and for each unique gear when required.

Integrated Shift Light Array

Expand the system according to your needs

GPS09 Module

Thanks to GPS09 Module and its Race Studio 3 software, you can immediately get laptimes and all data needed for engine tuning as well as for improving driving technique.
GPS09 Module

Channel Expansion

It permits to add 4 0-5Volt analog channels for pressure, temperature sensors and potentiometers. Two of these channels can be configured to receive digital inputs like wheel speed.

Channel Expansion

TC Hub

It adds 4 K thermocouples.

TC Hub


Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all Air/Fuel data and lambda value, allows to perfectly tune the carburetion.


SmartyCam HD cameras

The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled by your logger.
SmartyCam HD Rev.2

Memory Module

Thanks to the SD Card, Memory Module can record all your data in a file that can be downloaded on your PC for post-analysis. Memory Module, with 16Gb capability, can be connected via CAN-Bus to MXL2 and to all AiM loggers.

Memory Module
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