AIM MXL2 Dash Data Logger

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AIM MXL2 Dash Data Logger

The AiM MXL2 acquires and displays data from your ECU engine, the internal accelerometer gyro as well as a GPS08 Module in the kit.

MXL2 dash logger provides all the information needed by professionals and amateur drivers. The dash has been designed to make configuration and usage smooth and easy for people using it for the first time, or people from a technical background.

The MXL2 can support up to eight analogue inputs to measure variable outputs to measure variable outputs such as pressures, thrum-resistance even custom sensors. All of these are recorded up to 1000 times per second.


  • MXL2
  • GPS Module with cable
  • USB cable
  • 37 pins standard harness
  • Race Studio 3 software