AIM MXS 1.2 Dash Data Logger

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AIM MXS Dash Data Logger

The AIM MXS Dash Data Logger is an ultra compact version of the AIM MXG system. It features a full color 5" screen which has a fully customizable layout via a convenient button system.  8 alarm lights are programmable by the user.  These can accompany warning messages on the dash. Integration with the AIM Smartycam system is a snap! Configuration can be through wi-fi or the onscreen menus.


• ECU Connection: Capable of acquiring data directly from the vehicle's ECU. Click here for a list of currently compatible ECU's.
• Analog & Digital Inputs: 8 Analog inputs record up to 1000x per second each. 6 Digital inputs are also included.
• GPS Module: AiM's powerful GPS05 module is included in the kit for accurate lap-time and track position data
• Secondary CAN-line: CAN2 line manages data from additional modules, such as ABS, traction-control, etc.
• Internal Accelerometer & Gyro: Internal 3-Axial accelerometer and a gyroscope for crucial vehicle motion data.
• Math Channels: Configure the dash to immediately display Math Channel values, such as brake bias or a calculated gear.

In The Box

  • MXS 1.2
  • GPS Module with cable
  • USB cable
  • 37 pins standard harness
  • Race Studio 3 software.